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UGKA Testimonials

why GK Coaches, GoalKeepers, and Parents
Love the UGKA

UGKA Student

"It went better than I expected. You can tell serious thought went into the session and the coaches there were great. Overall the environment of the session was strong and encouraging. Would recommend to any other goalie trying to get seen."

UGKA Parent

"Coaches, just wanted to give you kudos for an incredible session yesterday afternoon. The combination of positive energy and opportunity to showcase skills was unmatched with anything we've experienced before. Was very impressed and extremely grateful for how you ran the whole thing!! Keep on keeping on! My keeper had a blast!"

Andreas Papakostas, Illinois

Olympic GK & Soccer Academy, Owner

"You won’t find any other organization that has the highest quality of GK coaches that care about developing the GK at all ages. The unmatched collective experience and education our UGKA coaches offer, gives your GK the competitive advantage in learning, developing and growing. When your GK becomes a UGKA member, they are tapping into the best educational resource from the best GK coaches from around the world.

Whether you are brand new or a season veteran GK coach, being a member of the UGKA family allows for collaborating and networking with the best GK coaches from around the world. I met some incredible coaches throughout my membership that has opened up opportunities for me and my GK academy. Helping GK coaches become better personally and professionally is what we are all about."

UGKA Parent

"Our 14 year old keeper has found the sessions incredibly valuable. The mental and tactical lessons have been a great addition to his weekly keeper training sessions. We are very excited to see the development play out in the upcoming spring season."

Mike Kappas, Virginia

GK Director Virginia Rush | GK Coach VB UNITED (USL2) | Volunteer GK coach ODU Monarchs women's soccer (D1)

"Having been involved with United GK Alliance in different projects, let me tell you each and everyone turned out successfully. The GK community within the alliance has helped me expend my knowledge and network. The collaboration with the other coaches has been amazing and every time I have questions or concerns I can always reach out to the UGKA coaches to get clarification or understanding! The best part is the education that we bring during our zoom calls is first class! If you are a GK coach or a club you should seriously consider joining the UGKA."

UGKA Parent

"My daughter and I have thoroughly enjoyed attending these sessions! We have enjoyed furthering her knowledge of being an effective goalkeeper outside of hand and foot skills. I highly recommend these sessions to help develop other skills and knowledge that is necessary for goalkeepers of any age and skill level. And it is wonderful that GK Alliance has brought in collegiate and higher level coaches and players to lead the discussions on different topics specific to the position of goalkeeper to help educate our children to be the best they can be! I can’t say enough good things about this program!"

Paul Blodgett, New Jersey

The College of New Jersey Assistant & GK Coach. 2021 National Runner Up | New Jersey YS GK Technical Director | Rutgers University Athletic Hall of Fame

"As a coach who has dedicated his adult life to coaching, educating and mentoring GKs, I greatly applaud the UGKA for its platform to bring valuable knowledge to GKs everywhere.

The GK coaches who are a part of the Alliance possess a vast knowledge of the position and are an incredible resource for reference. All GK coaches should become a part of the UGKA and GK's of all ages should fully take advantage of this exceptional organization.

I fully endorse the UGKA and this is exactly what our position needs to increase its awareness around the world."

UGKA Parent

"This has been a great experience for my son. Not only is he breaking down film and learning tactics, but he is also learning subtleties when it comes to communication and leadership, on or off the field."

John Moreira, Ontario

Owner Eurostar Goalkeeper Academy | Director of Goalkeeping, Oakville S.C. | Goalkeeper Coach, Bermuda Senior Men's National Team

"I joined the UGKA to connect and interact with other GK Coaches from around the Nation. The UGKA is a great way to continue broadening our horizons and to learn from each other. I knew some names already and thought this is a great way for us to learn and help each other while helping develop and create opportunities for young GK's. All GK coaches would benefit from being part of this great alliance so they too can develop new contacts, share ideas and create opportunities for their keepers.

Club's benefit too as they have access to many bright, creative and innovative GK coaches from all over. The workshops are a great way for Club keepers to have access to a great platform to learn from others all over."

UGKA Student

"I am really enjoying my experience with UGKA. They have a great staff of coaches that are very good at teaching and educating on any goalkeeper related topics. I’m very happy that I chose to do this program!"

Stephanie Legget, Florida

"I just wanted to say thank you for putting together such an informative session. Although (GK's name) is only in 8th grade, parents around here are always talking about this ID camp and that ID camp. We haven't attended any of those yet but I was stressed wondering if I was
"supposed to". I now feel more confident in the choices (GK's name) has made to focus on skills development and personal growth at this time. Thanks again!!!"

UGKA Parent

"My son has really enjoyed the training sessions. He has already learned so much and has gotten him thinking more about what he needs to do during games."

Natalie Ross, Pennsylvania

"Wow!! UGKA, thank you so much for inviting me to the meeting tonight! I couldn't write fast enough trying to keep notes as there was so much important information!"

UGKA Student

"I like how it’s interactive, the coaches teach us really well about different skills to use and preferred methods to help us improve our game."

Robert Bourassa, Virginia

"Very informative! We learned a lot of information. I'm glad we have plenty of time since (the player's name) is still young and now we know what to expect. Thank you so much! I do really appreciate the UGKA sharing things like this with us. I also gave you my email to sign up for the UGKA newsletter!"

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