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Mallory Yant

Dallas, Texas





Certifications / diplomas / degrees:

Brown University (Children’s Cognitive Science)

Past Coaching Responsibilities:

4 year player for Brown University Womens Soccer (2015 graduation)

2014 - led the Ivy League in total saves

Current Coaching Responsibilities:

Owner - My Goalkeeping Academy, or My.GK


Quote / Mission / Vision Statement:

Having been a field player until high school, Mallory understands and thus emphasizes the importance of goalkeepers’ foot skills and confidence on the ball. Each training session is designed to not only work on goalkeeper specific skills, but also to help improve soccer IQ and distribution. This presents an avenue for My.GK goalkeepers to not only become great goalkeepers, but also well-rounded soccer players ready to impact each game as an integral part of the defensive line.

Beyond goalkeeping specific skills, Mallory also specializes in aiding mindset development in young athletes. Having studied Cognitive Science at Brown University with an emphasis in Children’s Cognitive Development, Mallory has a deep passion for mindset and personal development. She teaches various mental strengthening techniques and skills to young athletes to build lasting confidence through the use of positive affirmations and self talk, goal setting, self actualization, and visualization, among others. It is Mallory’s mission to present mindset tools, tips and strategies to young athletes that will aid them in developing a strong and confident sense of self, enhancing mental performance on and off the field.

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