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Jack Carillo

Bauvelt, New York





Certifications / diplomas / degrees:

USSF C license Diploma

USSF Goalkeeper License

NFHSSA High School Coaching Diploma


Past Coaching Responsibilities:

Goalkeeper Coach - Quickstrike SC

Director of Goalkeeper Training - PrimoSports

Goalkeeping Director - PrimoFC

Director of Coaching - Rockland FC

Head Coach - Iona Preparatory Boys Soccer team

Head Coach - Washingtonville Boys Varsity Team

Director of Soccer Education - Ignite Sports Training

Asst. coach/Goalkeeper Coach - Div 3 Wells College

Asst. Coach/Goalkeeper Coach - Div 2 Nyack College

Current Coaching Responsibilities:

Founder/Director - Carillo Keeper School

Goalkeeper Coach - Div 2 St. Thomas Aquinas College


Goalkeeper Glove Affiliate- Epic Goalkeeping

Camps - Carillo Keeper School runs multiple camps and clinics throughout the year. Highlighting 2 winter clinics programs, Spring Break Clinics, and  multiple Day and Residential Goalkeeper Specific Summer camps.

Quote / Mission / Vision Statement:

“To develop next level goalkeepers through a goalkeeper specific curriculum of excellence.”

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