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George McDermott

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & Clearwater, Florida

Certifications / diplomas / degrees:

Past Coaching Responsibilities:

Trained, Managed & Mentored up to 100 Goalkeepers annually, while serving as the Program Director for THE KEEPER FACTORY, a club neutral Professional Goalkeeper Development Program, serving Keepers in PA, NJ, and FL for over 30 years. Focus of concentration on One on One Development, Group Sessions, and Team Concept Development from a Goalkeeper Leadership Perspective.

Current Coaching Responsibilities:

Currently Serving on an Advisory Basis to clubs, teams and individual Goalkeepers on all levels, ranging from U-11 Club - MLS Next Academy Programs, up to active Collegiate & NISA Professional Level Keepers.


Quote / Mission / Vision Statement:

MISSION STATEMENT: Success In The Streets - "Building Unity Within Our Communities!" MISSION STATEMENT: The Keeper Factory - "Building Keepers Since 1988"

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