David Whalley

Perth, Australia


Australian mobile (+61) 0401 288 152


- FFA Advanced Level 2 Goalkeeping Licence

- FFA C Licence Outfield

- FCA XV Essential Skills Program

Current Coaching Responsibilities

- Operate my own Dave Whalley Goalkeeping Academy (DWG) affecting approximately 40 - 45 keepers per week in 2 locations on a full-time basis

- Head of Goalkeeping at South Coast Baptist School Football Academy

- Goalkeeping coach and assistant 1 st team coach at Inglewood United F.C

- Goalkeeping coach at Subiaco F.C

- Private sessions with the current No.1 Australian Pararoos goalkeeper since 2010

- Private sessions with the current Australian Young Matildas goalkeeper since 2016

Past Coaching Responsibilities

- Perth Glory Women’s Goalkeeping Coach – Australia’s professional women’s league.

- Western Australia State Women’s team goalkeeping coach

- Western Australia State Junior U13/14/15 goalkeeping coach

- Goalkeeping coach at John Curtin Football School Program

- Goalkeeping coach at Canning City Football Club

- Goalkeeping coach at Forrestfield Football Club

- Outfield coach Cockburn U14’S/Fremantle U14’s

- Facilitator of grassroots Goalkeeping education


- Web - https://davewhalleygoalkeeping.coach/

- FaceBook – Dave Whalley Goalkeeping

- Instagram – @dwgoalkeeper

"Nothing in life is easy to achieve otherwise we would all have PhD’s. You will have good and bad games but try to keep a realistic prospective on everything. Don’t get too excited when you have a great game and don’t get too down when things don’t go as planned but enjoy yourself!"